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The Lamar Countian seeks to feature the insights, opinions, and talents of many different people with Lamar County ties over an equally diverse set of topics. Our platform provides an opportunity for these everyday Lamar Countians to bring forth issues they believe are deserving of public consideration and discussion.

If you have something you think would be of interest to The Lamar Countian, please considering submitting it to us for publication on our blog and across our social media channels. We encourage pieces including (but not limited to): politics, faith, culture and community, original photography and artwork, humor, and historical accounts of people and events. We also strongly encourage young writers to submit any content related to school activities or composition/research assignments, as we believe today's young writers will be the thought-leaders of tomorrow. 

Submit your piece for consideration via email to " lamarcountian <at> gmail <dot> com "

Once received, submissions undergo editorial review and consideration for final editing and publication. Submissions that are ajudged to intentionally misrepresent facts or make unfounded allegations will be rejected; however, there will be no expectation to present facts or opinions based upon information that is not readily available in the public sphere (i.e., common knowledge or reported by professional journalists). Final edits and publication of submitted content are at the discretion of the manager of The Lamar Countian or a designated editor. Published opinion pieces reflect the views of the credited author and not necessarily those of The Lamar Countian, its manager, or editors.

Comment Policy (blog and Facebook)
We encourage civil and sensible conversation about the topics featured on The Lamar Countian blog and Facebook page. While passion and opposing viewpoints are appreciated, abusive language and personal attacks/threats are not. Moderators reserve the right to remove any comments they deem in violation of this policy.

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