About The L.C.

The Lamar Countian is a blogging and social media project created by Will Gilmer to help bring attention to issues that are of interest to the people of Lamar County, Alabama. The project seeks to feature the insights, opinions, and talents of many different people with Lamar County ties, and to foster an intelligent discussion about the issues that impact our county. To that end, the success of The Lamar Countian depends greatly upon both the original content provided by a diverse group of contributors and the willingness of readers to engage in thoughtful, civil conversation about the topics presented. Reader interaction (particularly over social media) will also serve to expand the project's audience within Lamar County and attract new contributors.

You can contact The Lamar Countian via email at " lamarcountian <at> gmail <dot> com ", and connect via social media on Facebook and Twitter.

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