Friday, November 4, 2016

Detached leg found in Lamar County

I made a disturbing discovery this morning at the intersection between my house and dairy: a leg.

If you are familiar with the area, you've probably noticed that we have a pair of pasture gates on the Vernon side of the intersection. We often run cattle down the road between those gates and our dairy, and it is not unusual to see fresh litter on the side of the road when opening or closing those gates. Fast food bags, cans, cigarette butts, scratched CDs, and dirty baby diapers are not unusual to find, no doubt flung out the window by someone who couldn't wait to find a garbage can. But a leg? That was a first.

It is bad enough to see a detached leg on the side of the road, even worse when it is so close to where you live and work. I'll certainly be more vigilant in the coming days, but my gut tells me this was probably an isolated incident and we don't have a serial limb-hacker running around the countryside. I have no experience in criminal justice or investigative work, but I've seen enough "Law & Order" to deduce that the victim was more than likely a tall blonde and knew her attacker. If you recognize the leg in the photo below or have any potentially relevant information, please share it with the appropriate authorities.

Will Gilmer is the founder and publisher of The Lamar Countian. A graduate of Lamar County High School and Mississippi State University, he co-owns and operates his family's dairy farm in the Shiloh community along with his father. You can follow Will on Twitter at @gilmerdairy.

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