Monday, May 16, 2016

Discussing Vernon's Future (Introduction)

by Chris Robertson

I noticed the other day while perusing notes from recent city council meetings that the mayor and all current council members are seeking re-election. This made me reflect for a moment on both what the current administration has achieved and on what I would like to see from the next administration.  In an effort to encourage issues-centered conversation between Vernon's citizens, the incumbents, and their potential challengers, I will be submitting a small series of op-eds listing my hopes and concerns for Vernon's future over the coming days. But before doing so, I would be remiss not to recognize some of the most notable achievements that have occurred under our current administration's leadership.

The City Center/Auditorium has become a true source of pride for us all. It's hard to remember that building as the one I attended high school in some thirty years ago. The refurbishing and modernization have created a beautiful, functional building. The downtown murals, lampposts, and flower pots have brightened up a lot of old bricks and given character to the area. The city park looks better than it has at any point since it was built. The additions of a splash pad, playground equipment, and very nice landscaping have not gone unnoticed.

Now, let's get ready to discuss the future. What do you think, Vernon? What is on your wish list for the new administration? I talk to people in town every week who express both their happiness and frustration with our leaders. Remember, communication is key! Stay tuned...

Chris Robertson is a 1985 graduate of LCHS and spent 16 years with Flowers Foods before health issues forced his retirement in 2004. He now devotes his time to his faith, his family, and arguing with "progressives". Follow him on Twitter at @chipinbama

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