Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Local official addresses recent controversy

Lamar County Board of Education Member Banks Hattaway found himself in the center of controversy last month when AL.com published an article featuring a "screenshot" of a comment Hattaway made on Facebook about Muslim immigration. The comment drew predominantly negative reactions across social media, both for the political viewpoint Hattaway expressed and for the manner in which he expressed it. Some went as far to suggest his position on the Board of Education served as an indictment of both the Lamar County school system and local electorate.

Yesterday, Mr. Hattaway addressed the situation on The Lamar Countian's Facebook page. In it, Hattaway alleges that AL.com did not give him an opportunity to share his side of the story and attempts to explain his comment from the month prior. The following is a screenshot of Mr. Hattaway's comment on our Facebook page:

We asked Mr. Hattaway to provide further clarification about his allegations against AL.com, which he did in two subsequent comments. You can read those comments (along with others) here.

Banks Hattaway is currently seeking a third-term on the Lamar County Board of Education (Place #1).

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